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Martin H. Nesbitt
The service on Saturday was very moving. It was obvious to even the most casual observer that the legacy of love left by Maurice will live on in the Rabb family for many generations to come. The Nesbitt family sends its ongoing prayers.
Maurice Rabb
For those of you who need a little help, the TV show themes in the medley in order are: - Six Feet Under - Hill Street Blues - The Olympics - Dynasty - NBC Nightly News - Monday Night Football (The original theme song) - The Cosby Show - Family Ties - Cheers - The Sopranos - Homicide: Life on the Street - Curb Your Enthusiasm How many did you get correct? Maurice 3
Laura Phillips Byrd
Maurice 3 -- I got five of them. That was a nice tribute to your Dad.
scherrill russman
My remembrance of Maurice is as an undergraduate student at UofL. My twin brother, Raymond, and Martin Margulis enjoyed his humor and I even remember going to his home on Chestnut St. We were all shocked to read about his death in Magazine of the UofL. My sympathies to all the family.

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