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Talibah Chikwendu
This site is such a wonderful tribute to Dr. Rabb. It is clear from the information presented here that he was well loved and respected by his family, friends, colleagues and community. I did not know Dr. Rabb, but I know his son, Christopher. It is my prayer that in time the sadness that accompanies this great loss will be dissipated by the wonderful memories that accompany a life as well lived as Dr. Rabb's.
Mort and Myrna Goldberg
Dear Madeline, Maurice and Christopher: We have thought of Maurice fondly...many,many times, since we left Chicago and left his warm and supportive personality there, 15 years ago. He was always a stalwart supporter and friend...one of the most important influences in the history of the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmay over so many decades. His wonderfully illustrated talks were admired in Chicago, nationally, and throughout ther world. He was a gifted, loyal, and charismatic teacher and clinical investigator. We also know how much he loved each of you. Myrna and I think of him and talk together about him in the most admiring, respectful, and friendly ways. We miss the wonderful times at the U.of I., where we could interact informally with him and our mutual friends at the drop of a hat. We will deeply miss him.
Ed Burney
His brilliance and charm transcended racial boundries. His life cast a blueprint for all who follow and have a desire to do their best! I consider it a personal and professional priviledge to have known and worked with Maurice. May God's love help to ease the pain of the Rabb Family.
Dr. Jorge Girotti
Dr. Rabb will continue to be an inspiration for me in my professional work. His untiring efforts to create opportunities for African American and Hispanic youth interested in medicine push me to always do the best I can for them and for the communities they will serve.
Phillip A. Jackson
My earliest memory of Dr. Rabb is of me sitting in his office examination chair as an eight year-old, the room lights darkened, the cool air of the office and Dr. Rabb's voice saying: "Is it clearer this way . . . or this way?" Little did I know at the time, trying my hardest to accurately discern which lenses gave the clearest focus, that this man of seeming infinite patience was one of the finest and most gifted opthamologists in the country. The last time I spoke with him was several years ago when I called him to get his opinion on LASIK surgery. His lukewarm response was enough for me to forego the surgery! Throughout the intervening thirty years I was fortunate to spend time with Dr. Rabb in a variety of places, from the most mundane (home) to the most sublime (Greece). I always found him to be a man of singular humor, able to go from gravitas to the driest wit in a single bound, often without me knowing it for several minutes! To Madeline, Maurice and Christopher I extend my heartfelt condolences, and extend God's blessing to each of you.
Walter Kahn,M.D.
Maurice and I were good friends the day I started my residency at the old Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary in 1961 and will miss him dearly!...His contributions in ophthalmology will live on forever.
faten kanaan
My thoughts are with Madeline and the family. I have always had great respect for your strength, and I am deeply sorry I could not be with your family at this time.
Suzanne Gedance
Dr. Rabb---Maurice---was a study in bold strokes: adamant; mercurial; intense; light-hearted; erudite; kind. A healer, a scientist, an advocate, a teacher, a mentor, a friend. He relished what the world offered and piqued our appetite to accomplish more. He made the challenging seem doable, and the impossible seem within reach. His departure aches in my heart. Few among us can hope to achieve as much as Dr. Rabb did in his lifetime. With him as a role model, we can only keep trying. Madeline, Maurice and Christopher, you have my deepest gratitude for sharing Dr. Rabb with us so generously. May the knowledge of how much he meant to all of us bring some measure of comfort.
Kimberly Brown  MD
As an ophthalmology resident at the University of Illinois, I had several opportunities to hear Dr. Rabb's wonderful lectures. Besides being a wonderful teacher, he was also a very kind person who took an interest in his students and trainees. My father, a legally blind, retired family practitioner, also admired Dr.Rabb and his work. Several years ago, when my father was beginning to lose his vision to diabetic retinopathy, Dr. Rabb was kind enough to talk to him over the phone long distance, and offer him encouragement during a difficult time. That conversation meant a great deal to my father, although they never had a chance to meet in person. We are really going to miss Dr. Rabb. Our condolences to the Rabb family.
Carol L. Matthew, D.S.W.
To my dear cousins Madeline, Christopher, and Maurice 111 My heart is pained tonight as I grieve the loss of my beloved first cousin, Maurice. My son, Thomas and his wife Dayna visited a few weeks ago. They prepared me for the fact that his loss was inevitable and would come soon. My other children have been notified.I will make every effort to be with you at the memorial service. I know that you know that Maurice and I have loved each other since we were children. He took me around when I came to visit our grandmother in Louisville during summer vacations. Aunt Jewel and my late mother, your Aunt Mary Miller Lewis were also close. In fact, it wasn't so very long ago that Aunt Jewel told me that it was my mother who inspired her to major in Mathematics while in college. Maurice and I had great times growing up and he always loved the fact that I always knew his voice when he would call after a long absence. I was never completely aware of all of his accomplishments because he was not boastful-even with family. Dr. John Mitchell, to whom Maurice referred me, has told me in recent times about some of the ones of which I had no knowledge. I am very proud of the wonderful husband, father, physician and teacher that he became. I spoke to Aunt Jewel by telephone today. She didn't seem to know and was just very glad to chat with me. I know that you all are very strong and will get through this. We will never forget him and we will cherish his memory. Much love, Carol
Edward Matthew
Our condolences go out to the Entire Rabb family from the Matthew family of Boston. We had no idea of the magnitude and the volume of great accomplishments that Dr. Rabb has contributed to the word and that it would take a moment like this to get the full perspective. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. We have shared a family moment, and now the kids have realized yet another reason they should be proud to have been born into this Family. Even though we do not always speak regularly, we have the greatest love and admiration for everyone in it and recognize when we have lost an incredible member. As My wife Lena and I celebrate our 21st Anniversary tonight, I can only imagine the pain felt, and we do know that strength and love will carry you through this. From New England, we wish for you everything, and are there for you in any way possible. After losing our Dad, Dr. Thomas W. Matthew a few years back we know that feeling of loss, it's never easy to manage, however it does get easier with time. Madeleine, Christopher, and Maurice 111 be strong in this time. We share the faith with you. A soldier has fallen, but will live on forever, in our hearts and minds. Love Always Edward & Lena Matthew and the kids Alan, Deniece, Eddie, Asia and Ashley Please feel free to reach out at any time day or night.
Alene Valkanas & Jim McComb
Madeline, Please accept our sympathy on the passing of your beloved husband Maurice. Jim and I and the Illinois Arts Alliance family add our voice to those of the countless people whose lives your hsuband touched. His legacy is truly awesome. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Alene Valkanas
Erika Harris
Dear Madeline, I wish you and Dr. Rabb a belated "Happy Anniversary!" And I wish you many, many more in Love's Eternity. With an Extended Heart to the Entire Rabb Family, Erika Harris
Jeanne A. Smith, MD
To the Family: Please accept my condolences and know that Maurice's work to correct major ophthalmologic problems will always be remembered, particularly by the "Sickle Community".
Roslind C Hooper
Dear Madeline, Maurice and Christopher: My heart goes out to you on the loss of your husband and father. My most fond memory of Maurice is the day I picked Maurice and Chris up to go to swimming lessons with Rich and Kitty. Madeline you were out of town so Maurice (dad) was in charge of getting the boys ready to go. I wish I had a picture of his face that day as he very calmly got the boys and their swimwear together. We left with everything intact.
Dick Hellner
Dear Madeline, Maurice and Christopher, During my fourteen years at Prevent Blindness, I relied on Maurice as a friend and mentor to provide guidance on many issues, some medical, others not. I could always count on him to think before responding - often it took days - with sincerity, wisdom based on experience and often with humor. I've called Maurice occasionally since those days and always received a warm sense of appreciation for my interest and, more recently, my concern for his health. Despite the long lapses in our conversations at times, it always felt as if we talked frequently. Maurice was my go-to resource for questions and referrals on vision problems, including my own bout with retinal detachments. He always surprised me by following up, both with me or the patient and the doctor that he recommended. Thank you for providing the support structure that enabled him to be the caring physician and friend he was to us all.
Kevin McFall & Family
We extend our condolences to the Rabb family, and send prayers of encouragement that the extensive legacy of excellence and love that Dr. Rabb portrayed continue in all of us who have been touched or influenced by Dr. Rabb, but especially manifested through his family and my colleagues Maurice and Chris. Sincerely, Kevin McFall
Adi Bemak
Dear Christopher, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. Just in the brief time we've known each other, I've gotten the real feeling of what a fine man he was. He had to have been wonderful to have produced a son like you. I feel sure this is true of both of your parents. You are a dear, dear man, and I'm sure that your Dad must have been very proud of the person you are. I am so sorry for however painful it is for you and your family to have lost such a hero. Please know my loving thoughts are with you. Very fondly and with love, Adi
Todd Atkinson
Dear Chris My greatest condolensces to you and your family on the passing of your father. Your friend Todd
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Ziemianski
Dearest Madeline and family, Matt and I were deeply saddened to hear of Maurice's death. Although we knew it was imminent it is never the same as the actuality of the event. Getting to know Maurice has certainly been a highlight of my adult life and I always looked forward to out retina meetings when I could see our Chicago friends. Being a fellow Kentuckian wasn't half bad either! He was a wonderful man with a dry sense of humor that I greatly admired and appreciated! We will miss him and hope that all of your wonderful memories will be a small comfort in this time of grief and adjustment. We love you both. Susan and Matt
Marcia Carney
As a vitreoretinal fellow, I will never forget the first day that I met Dr. Rabb, carrying one of the first (large) cell phones in his inside overcoat pocket. Then he took off the overcoat and asked me a retina question. And for 20 years, the questions never stopped! I cherished the time, the knowledge, and the experience that this great man gave to me and to all around him. Remember to continually bless us Maurice as you continue the questions on heaven's higher level.
Joanne Hurley
Dear Madeline: Although we only met once at Nick Cave's event, I was very sorry to hear of your husband's death. Having read about him, I would have been honored to have known him as he contributed to the medical and African American communities so much.
Dayna Bender
Chris, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I send my condolences to you and your family. It's been a long time. I hope you are doing well. Best wishes, Dayna Bender
Tawa Jogunosimi
While I did not know Dr. Rabb well, I have had the pleasure of getting to know his sons Maurice and Christopher. Both Maurice and Chris are intelligent, kindhearted and possess a wonderful sense of humor. I personally believe that the character of these young men speaks volumes about Dr. Rabb and the father he must have been. My deep condolences are extended to the Rabb family.
Donald A. Chambers
I first met Dr. Rabb when we served together on a College of Medicine committee over twenty years ago. Over the years, we had many interactions and as a Department Head, I often sought his advice. Maurice Rabb was a clinical scholar, a gentle man, a man of wisdom and a role model for students, colleagues and friends to emulate. He represents all that is good in medicine.

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