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My sincerest condolences go out to my dear family members with the loss of Maurice. With much love, Vangy
Keith A. Warren
I had the great privilege to have been trained by Dr.Rabb while a retina fellow at the Infirmary. That experience has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. He was so impressive to me as a teacher and mentor that I wanted to be like him. It was in part his influence that led me to choose a career in academics so that I might share some of the knowledge I gained from him with others. He had the great gift of being able to impart knowledge to others without making them feel inferior or afraid to ask a question. Perhaps his greatest gift was his eternal ethusiasm for learning new things, which was absolutely infectious!! He made you excited aboutlearning. As a Black man in a majority world, Dr. Rabb was proof to me that you could achieve whatever goal you set, and not to be afraid to set it at the top. He was widely recognized as a giant in medical retina, yet he was always concerned about the younger generation and their continued growth. He understood the concept of passing it on for the future. My condolences to the Rabb family. Dr. Rabb's bright light and memory will continue to shine through all of us who had the privilege to have been touched by him in our lives. Keith Warren
jan klopner-bowman
To the Rabbs: Just a note to send our prayers. Maurice was always at our family functions, to us he was always one of us! He was the "cool" single guy until he met Madeline and found true happiness. Hope everyone else is well. We will love him forever. Love punkywunkie janewankie teenyweenie the klopner girls 9342 S. Indiana
claude l. cowan jr.
I would like to extend my most heartfelt condolences to Maurice's family. Maurice was many thing to those of us who knew him well, but I would like to think of him as a hero. Heros are those individuals who we look up to and aspire to be like. They cause us to raise our sights and reach for goals that we would otherwise not seek to attain. They are not super human, but their accomplishments and the grace and humility with which they achieve them remind us that our successes are not ours alone. All of us have at least one individual who has helped us along the way and made our path a little easier. Thank you Maurice for your wisdom and leadership and above all, for making a positive difference in so many people's lives
Randall C. Morgan MD,MBA
Dr. Maurice Rabb was one of the most outstanding physians of his lifetime and a man for all seasons. He was and will remain a role model for me as a young resident and physician in Chicago. It was his profound influence that started me on the path of leadership and service in the NMA which culminated in my presidency in 1996 in Chicago. Maurice and Madelyn have always been special, talented and warm people and I will miss him very much. Randall C. Morgan MD, MBA
Evan Rudall
As Chris’s childhood friend, I was fortunate to witness first-hand Dr. and Mrs. Rabb’s beautiful marriage and happy, healthy family. I always admired the fact that, as parents, Dr. and Mrs. Rabb provided Maurice and Chris with an ideal balance of laughter, nurturing, independence, and high expectations. It is a testament to the partnership of Dr. and Mrs. Rabb that Maurice and Chris have become such intelligent, successful, good, funny, loving, principled men. The Rabb legacy will live on for a long, long time and continues to inspire me as a husband and parent. Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Rabb. With love, Evan Rudall
Seth F. Tatel M.D.
Dr. Rabb left an indelible mark in my life just from the short time I spent with him as his student. His humor, wit, and love for teaching was evident even at the end. Dr. Rabb will undoubtedly serve as someone I aspire to emulate in my career as a physician. His passing will be a great loss to the UIC community and to all future medical students who will not have the chance to be touched by Dr. Rabb's gentle spirit. My condolences to the Rabb family.
Kuntal Rana
Dr. Rabb left such an impression on me in such a brief encounter with him. His optimism, passion and most apparent, his desire to teach was obvious when I met him. I know ALL students who go through UIC in their 4th year have many unforgettable stories with their learning experiences with Dr. Rabb. All of us students who did not get a chance to be taught by him will be at a great loss. My condolences to the Rabb family.
Cheryl J. Powell, M.D.
I cannot express the sorrow I felt when learning of Dr. Rabb's illness and subsequent passing. He was one of the finest human beings I have ever known. His contributions to ophthalmology and the NMA will never be forgotten. His warm, caring and approachable manner are exemplary to us all and will be greatly missed. I am proud to have known him and been in his presence over the past 20 years. My thoughts and prayers are with the Rabb family. We truly have lost a great man.
Johanna Newman
Although we did not get to meet Dr. Rabb, it is very clear to us what an amazing man he was and how much he will be missed by everyone. The beautiful words shared in the emails from Chris and in the words from everyone he touched prove to us that we have truly missed out on meeting a very special person. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." Thomas Campbell With love, Johanna & Rebecca Newman and Joshua Dixon
Ramona Austin
Dearest Madeline, I was saddened to learn that you and your sons and wider family have suffered the loss of your cherished husband and father. Over the years that I have known you it was obvious that your union was a strong and remarkable one. I only got to know your husband in passing, but knew that he had done important work in his career. What a gift to read his many accomplishments, what an extraordinary life lived! I embrace you and your family in your loss and extend to you my heartfelt support during this inevitable transition. You have so many proud and spectacular memories that will sustain you in the loss of your husband and father, his gift beyond his time with you.
Rohitkumar Vasa MD
On behalf of myself, my family and the medical staff of Mercy Hospital, I extend deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Rabb family. I have very fond memories of working with him on number of issues and number of committees. Not only I learnt quite a deal from him, but the important thing was that his comments, criticisms, and suggestions were always constructive, and potentially beneficial for the greater good. We all will miss him a lot. May god give strength to the family members to bear this great loss.
Terry Mason MD
Madeline, You were married to an amazing man. 'Reese' was so much to so many. He was my teacher, mentor, advisor and friend. I will miss many things but the 'signature' one is when I would meet 'Reese' walking down the hall he would stop me and say "is there anything you want to tell me ?". He would then hold up his thumb and press it against mine. This was the 'Reese' handshake. His dedication to students, residents and to protecting Opthalmology speaks for itself. If a tree is known by the fruit it bears, then Dr. Maurice Rabb has an international garden. I can only hope that when looks down on us that he will be as half as proud of us as we are of him. He leaves an incredible legacy. I thank God for the allowing me to have the opportunity to know him and you Madeline for sharing him and his vision with us. God grant you peace.
Paul Carter Harrison
Madeline: Please receive, from Wanda and myself, our sincerest condolences for the loss of your husband, a person, aa we recall, with a generous spirit that we are certain will be sustained by the largess of you and your family.
Rita Taggart-Wexler
We had the good fortune of meeting Maurice Rabb, the film lover over the years at Floating Film Festivals and Roger Ebert's Overlook Film Fest. He truly had a passion for film. As we got to talking his radiant presence informed our affection for him. Madeleine and Maurice's relationship was full of the deep understanding we all aspire too.That he was a man to be respected was obvious before knowing anything about his accomplishments. He was such a life force.(He was fun too) He will be missed. We must all learn from his way. Our deepest regrets. Rita Taggart and Haskell Wexler
Dawoud Bey
Dear Madeline, Maurice, and Chris: I join with all of you at this time to both mourn the passing and celebrate the life of your remarkable husband and father. In all of the years I have known each of you, it has been clear that the Rabbs are one strong, powerful, inspired, and inspirational clan. Dr. Maurice Rabb, with his quiet yet foreceful presence was certainly a strong bedrock for all of you. He clearly made a strong mark in his time, and his name and spirit will continue to live on. My prayers, thoughts, and condolences are with each of you. Dawoud Bey
Darshan Khalsa
Oh Christopher, My heart is with you and your family in this time. I wish I had had the opportunity to know your father, but through you, I can see his greatness. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet him through this website. I am awed by the love your father has inspired. I know you have been blessed by his presence in your life, and we are all privileged by the blessings that you and your family share with the rest of us. . . .take care. with love and friendship, darshan
Oh Christopher, My heart is with you and your family in this time. I wish I had had the opportunity to know your father, but through you, I can see his greatness. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet him through this website. I am awed by the love your father has inspired. I know you have been blessed by his presence in your life, and we are all privileged by the blessings that you and your family share with the rest of us. . . .take care. with love and friendship, darshan
Barbara and Gene Mackevich
To Madeline, Maurice, Christopher and Jewel Rabb, Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you at this very difficult time. We offer our sincere condolences to each of you. As you know, we have known Dr. Rabb and family for over 25 years. In all those years, he remained a warm, gentle human being who was a pleasure to work with as our relationship grew. Dr. Rabb will be sadly missed by all of the lives he touched, and all the projects he pursued. On a personal note: Not long ago, I asked Dr. Rabb for a personal favor. My mother was legally blind, but recent developments offered some hope for sight by a team of doctors known to Dr. Rabb. Not only did he take the time to supply me with pertinent information, but invited me to attend a seminar with him dealing with mom's problem. That was the kind of person he was. Dr. Rabb will be remembered as a kind, humble human being with a wonderful sense of humor. We miss him already. Barbara and Gene Mackevich
Jo McWilliams
I met Dr. Rabb while working in the Department of Ophthalmology (Eye Photography). He would often come to photography with his witty sense of humor. Although humorist, he was always professional and had a good rapport with his colleagues and residents from my perspective. I have learned over the years that it takes a special person to relate to individuals from all walks of life. Dr. Rabb was this special person. I was sadden to learn of his homegoing and wish to extend my condolences to his family. “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 Corinthians 5:1 Jo Juanita McWilliams University of Illinois at Chicago
Michael And Cleo Phillips
To the Rabb Family: We send to you our heart felt condolences, this is truly a season of mourning. I have known Dr.Rabb for nearly 30 years . He has been a mentor, hero, neighbor, friend, and role model. He will be dearly missed. May the Lord surround you with his loving arms and give you strength during the present and future. God Bless You. Michael andCleo Phillips
Kathryne Smith
Dearest Madeline, Maurice and Chris-- I only met Dr. Rabb once but it was so clear to me in that brief moment that he was a gentleman and a scholar. I am grateful to laern now of what will be his lasting legacy. I extend my heartfelt condolences to you and hope you may find some comfort in the wonderful memories you'll share of your remarkable husband and father. God bless you. Most sincerely, Kathy Smith
Bethany Dickerson
Dear Cousins Madeline, Christopher, and Maurice, My thoughts are with you all during this difficult period. Although I spent time with Dr. Rabb on only two occasions, he struck me as a scholar, man of character and principle, and one who possessed a loving heart. He will be missed. May loving memories sustain all of you. Love, Bethany
Patricia Wager
Dear Madeline and family, I was priviledged to have an opportunity to work with Dr. Rabb when I was Director of Development in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. He was always friendly, upbeat and always willing to help. His warm smile was wonderful. I am pleased to have known him. I send my special thoughts and prayers to the family at this difficult time of loss. Regards, Pat Wager
Talibah Chikwendu
This site is such a wonderful tribute to Dr. Rabb. It is clear from the information presented here that he was well loved and respected by his family, friend, colleagues and community. I did not know Dr. Rabb, but I know his son, Christopher. It is my prayer that in time the sadness that accompanies this great loss will be dissipated by the wonderful memories that accompany a life as well lived as Dr. Rabb's.

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