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Howard H Tessler
I will deeply miss Maurice. I met him the first day I began my residency in 1969. He was one of my teachers. I recall having lunch with him on numerous occasions in the cafeteria. He was someone to joke with and to learn from.
Jacqueline Woods
To Madeline and sons, I know you realize the precious gift you had in Maurice and you will need that memory to sustain you in good and bad times. Take time always to smile about the funny things he did. Take time always to remember the wise things he did and said. Share his life lessons with your children and grandchildren so that he will always be apart of their lives. My heartfelt condolescenes to the entire family. Love, Jackie Woods
Carol L. Adams
Peace and Blessings to the Rabb family. Maurice is our newest ancestor and if he looks after us in his new role a fraction of the way he did in the last one, we are all good. I have had the pleasure of Maurice through most of the stages of my life and was a pupil of his Mother, Jewel Miller Rabb, at Central High School, in Louisville. Mrs. Rabb, I think of you especially, at this time, at reflect the enormous pride you took in Maurice's accomplishments. I sat next to you and Maurice III, recently, when Maurice was recognized as one of the most outstanding Central alumni. He will, of course, live on through his offspring, his good works, and in all of our memories. Madeline, I always thought you and Maurice were one of those rare couples who still loved each other and enjoyed each other's company, even after many years of marriage. It was always a pleasure to see you together. And so to you, Christopher, Maurice 3, and my beloved teacher, Jewel, love, respect and support and may you continue to support the spirit and example of a life well lived.
Daniel Garrett
It's difficult to believe that Dr. Rabb is no longer with us. His "light" flickered so brightly for many as is apparent from the deeply moving comments on this website. Dr. Rabb gave endless energy and hours to Prevent Blindness America as our VOLUNTEER medical director for many years. He was a constant source of information and intelectual stimulation while providing a very dry sense of humor that was often disarming! I will personally miss Dr. Rabb as will all of us at Prevent Blindness America. -Dan Garrett
Philip Smith
In the spring of 1947 during my sophomore year at Kentucky State College, a group of students--accompanied by three faculty members, Robert Claybrooks, Theodore Daley and Cary B. Lewis--journeyed to Louisville to attend a Kentucky Negro Education Association meeting. On our way back to Frankfort, we stopped at the home of Dr. Maurice F. Rabb, an anesthesiologist, who came on the KSC campus as a physician to tend to students (including me) and faculty; he also was a referee for football and basketball games in the Midwest Conference. It was at the Rabb house that I first met Maurice, Jr., then about 14, and saw my first television set and program. I never forgot that personal history. Some twenty-five years later, I read that Dr. Maurice F. Rabb, Jr., an ophthalmalogist, had opened an office in the Chicago Loop area. A short time later, an eye problem encouraged me to make an appointment to see Dr. Rabb. Dr. Rabb assured me that I had a minor problem, which would clear up after using the ointment he gave me. I told Dr. Rabb of my association with Kentucky State College, his father and mother, and having met him as a boy. We spoke of his work relating to eye problems in sickle cell patients, as my brother died of sickle cell in 1959. When I attempted to pay the receptionist for my treatment, I was told that Dr. Rabb had not charged me for his professional services...like his father before him. And like his father before him, Maurice F. Rabb, Jr., was a physician committed to his chosen profession. There is a great history lesson to be learned about family from the Rabbs, that began in Columbus, Mississippi, moved to Shelbyville and Louisville, Kentucky, and on to Chicago, Illinois. It is an honor to share my recollections with the Rabb family about the son, husband, father, who made so many contributions to serving mankind in a life that spanned seventy-two years and ten months. Philip Smith Kentucky State College '49 A Native Chicagoan and now a resident of Stone Mountain, GA
Lilian Cartwright
Maurice had such a wonderful way with words. I would call Madeline to see if she had slept in the last 36 hours or had she spent all of that time in her studio making new and wonderful jewelry. Maurice would answer the phone and say"....oh she'll talk to you because she HAS to have more beads. Where are you two are going next to find them? You know she doesn't have enough!". We would both laugh because Madeline had more than her creative hands would let her work with for the next five years at least. Maurice took care of Madeline's soul. He nurtured her creativeness and was there for her. He planned her trips because he loved to do that, because he loved her. I will always think of him when I look at her jewelry designs made with gems from around the world. Maurice was the gem among all gems to Madeline, Marice and Christopher. He will be greatly missed by all of us.
Debbi Campbell
I worked with Dr. Rabb at Michael Reese Hospital from 1977 to 1985. The attending and resident physicians, and staff all enjoyed working with him as he would breeze in, work hard and show us his latest "toys" and rush on to his next endeavor. The resident physicians voted him the "Teacher of the Year" award for many years. He was one of the first persons I had ever met with a cell phone. He had an odd sense of humor but was always the perfect gentleman. It was an honor to have know this great man.
Valerie Norman
Dear Madeline, Chris and Maurice, I can't tell you how sad I am to learn of your loss. My heart is heavy. What a treasure he was to us and will now be for the angels in heaven. He'll keep them laughing with the humor all his own. He'll keep us smiling with the memories we'll now embrace. He was a special friend who I appreciated more than I ever said. I feel blessed to have known him. Please know that I'm praying for God's comfort for each of you. Valerie Norman
Denise Milan
I once was in Chicago and had dinner in Madeleine's house where I met Mr.Rabb and her two sons.I came out of their house with a wonderful sensation of being in a place of love and respect.This was the sensation that stood in my memory.
I was a third year medical student rotating through the newly opened Eye Infirmary when I first met Maurice. As terrfified as we young students are of "faculty", his voice and mannerisms melted away any fears. I have had the pleasure of knowing this lovely man for more than 30 years. I am going to miss him but, because he made an impact on my life, I'll never forget him. My love and condolences to Madeline and the family.
Jay Federman & Sylvia Beck
Dear Madeline & Family, Sylvia joins me in extending our deepest felt sympathies to you and your loved ones. Maurice was a wonderful friend and close colleague for over 25 years. I knew Maurice as a fun loving guy and wonderful teacher. We all learned much from Maurice over the years which allowed many other retina specialists to extend his talents of healing to distant locations. He will be deeply missed. Jay Federman
Henry J Kaplan, MD
The University of Louisville School of Medicine, including the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, was very proud of Dr. Maurice Rabb Jr and his many contributions to our field. He was a distinguished gentlemen who was kind and understanding. He will be sorely missed by us all. Our sincere condolences to his family. Hank Kaplan Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences University of Louisville
Alan and Diane Frohlichstein
Throughout our careers in ophthalmology, Dr. Rabb was always one of the people we looked forward to seeing and working with. He always brightened our day. We honor the time we had with him, and had the utmost repect for him as an ophthalmologist, and even more as the wonderful person he was. We shall greatly miss him. We wish his family peace and comfort in this time.
Marie & John Simons and family
Dearest Madeline, Maurice, and Christopher, I was so saddened to hear of Muarice passing. My heart goes out to you all and you are in my prayers. You all are present in most of the happiest memories of my past. Maurice's friendship with my father, and consequently, the time it allowed us all to spend together made me always think of your family as a part of my own crazy Cuban clan. You were, and always will be, cherished by me. I will always remeber Maurice as funny and kind, and that he always made time to listened and respected the opinions and ideas of a geeky young girl. The adult woman will always value and treasure that. You have been an inspiration and dear friend, Madeline, I hope we will meet again soon. My prayers are with you all. Marie (Tata Lopez), John, CJ, & Sami Simons
Mike Allen
Dear Madeline and Family, Linda and I send our deepest regrets that Maurice has passed away. We remember fondly his excellent work for OMIC in the early years and especially the fun times we had at the social functions. I still tell the story of your lobster dinner in Venice to friends who are traveling there; we were fortunate enough to have been told that they sold it by the 100 grams and didn't order it. I remember leaving the resturaunt and Madeline saying that she was paying because she could not show Maurice the bill for the two large lobsters that were enjoyed until the bill came.... We will miss him and our thoughts are with you and your family. Mike and Linda Allen
Charles C Barr MD
Dear Madeline: It is with great sadness that I learned of Maurices death. His family roots are in Louisville, and I always enjoyed his visits here. He gave some wonderful lectures at the Kentucky Lions Eye Institute, and was fondly remebered by faculty and residents. He asked me to look after his mother; I wish I could have done more for her over the years. Your husband was a wonderful man and friend. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Michelle Webb
Maurice, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Michelle Webb
Valencia Ray, MD
It is with great sadness that I express my condolences to you, Madeline, and your family. Dr. Rabb was a mentor to me, the consummate professional and someone who I greatly admired. I will miss him dearly. May the peace of God surround you and your family during this time and always.
It is with great sadness that I have been informed of the death of one of the distinguished members of the Macula Society, Dr. Maurice Rabb after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was an outstanding clinician, teacher and investigator...and a superb friend !!
Alice Lea and Bill Tasman
Dear Madeline, It is with great sadness that we learned of Maurice's passing. He had been a great contributor to ophthalmology and a good friend. Thank you for sharing him with us. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Alice Lea and Bill Tasman
Marsha D. Howard
Dear Madeline,Maurice III and Christopher: I send my sincere condolences to your family. My prayers are with. Marsha D. Howard
Arlene Turner-Crawford
Dr. Rabb was such a large human being, his devotion to teaching, to our community and to our people was an example to the many he touched. I remember when I first met the brother, as Director of the Urban Health Program at UIC. Maurice was always concerned and generous of spirit as he spend his time with collegues and students alike. My husband and myself send our sincere condolence to his family.
Brian C Joondeph, MD
I took an immediate liking to Dr Rabb when I met him during my residency because he and my father shared the same first name, Maurice. Growing up, I thought it was a cool name, but thought my father was the only person ever so named! As others have mentioned, Maurice was a strong positive influence to me as a resident, encouraging my growing interest in retina. Besides being a great teacher, he was fun with a ready smile and good sense of humor. As a resident at the sometimes tight-sphinctered Infirmary, I always welcomed visits from Maurice and the sharing of a good clinical case and a good laugh. He has touched many lives and will be missed.
Darin Johnson and Family
To maurice, chris and Mrs. Rabb, My family and I send our deepest sympathy. I was hurt when my mother told me of Mr. Rabb's passing, you guy's are as close to family as anybody can be. Since my new career is in audio and video, I would have loved to talked to Mr. Rabb about that latest technologies, since he loved electronics so much. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the service, but myself, Mia, Lynsey, and Scotty, send our love from Lithonia GA. Darin Johnson and Family.
Rosario and Laura Brancato
It is with profound sadness we heard of the death of Maurice, he was a wonderful and great man. We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to his wife Madeline and to all his family. Our hearts are filled by admiration and appreciation for his continuous efforts to fight against blindness.

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