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Dr. Leon Dingle, Jr.
I had the pleasure working with Dr. Maurice Rabb at the University of Illinois with the Urban Health Program where he served as the Associate Chancellor and Executive Director. During his tenure the UIC Medical Program accepted and graduated more minorities than any school in Americ except Howard and Meharry Medical College. Great men like Maurice Rabb and Earl Neal served as professional role models for all to emulate.
Troy Close
My family and I wish to express our deep gratitude for your friendship and wisdom over several generations. Thank you Dr. Rabb.
Janet Calbert Bishop
Madeline, Maurice III, Christopher and Aunt Jewel, my family and I would like to send our condolences to you on the loss of Maurice, Jr. I have known him since I was born. He and my mother (Frances Robinson Calbert) are first cousins. I remember the times he visited my parents in Louisville (Bob and Frances Calbert) and wanted to talk to them without me around, I was only about eight or nine at the time so I was diffently trying to listen to what they said. He would send me to look for a four leaf clover and promised to pay me a dollar if I found one. Well, on one of those visits I found that four leaf clover. None of them could believe it since it only took me a few minutes. Everybody laughed as they passed it around making sure I had not created it myself. Maurice did give me the dollar, and quickly added that if I could find another one he would give me five dollars. So, off I went. When I grew up and would see Maurice during family functions I would often think about that four leaf clover. Through the years I know Maurice did many amazing things in his career, and was the best in his field. I called him very early one morning a few years ago because my mother's eyes were red and her doctor told her that she would have to live with it. After talking to Maurice he assured me he would find someone to look at her eyes. I was conforted in that, later that day he called back with a doctor's name and my mother went to see that doctor. She found out the cause of the redness and it was taken care of. Thanks to Maurice she does not have to live with her eyes being red. I wish I could truly express our feelings for him and how he touched our lives. Janet Calbert Bishop
David Pepperberg
It was truly a privilege to be one of Maurice's colleagues at UIC. His wisdom, energy, warmth, humor, and sense of wonder were a great part of the life of our Department. My wife Audrey joins me in sending our deepest sympathies to all of the Rabb family.
David Pepperberg
It was truly a privilege to be one of Maurice's colleagues at UIC. His wisdom, energy, warmth, humor, and sense of wonder were a great part of the life of our Department. My wife Audrey joins me in sending our deepest sympathies to all of the Rabb family.
Sally Magallanes
I knew Dr. Rabb for over 18 years through Prevent Blindness America. He served as medical director for much of that time. In addition to the profound respect I had for him as a retinal specialist, he was a true friend. Many times we spoke to just "catch up" on parts of our lives. He almost always ended our conversations with "Cheer up, Sally, I want you to cheer up." It was just his special way of ending the conversation that made him unique. His wonderful family is in my prayers. I am saddened by Dr. Rabb's death and will greatly miss him. Sally
Nissan Wasfie
I only knew Dr. Rabb for a few years, but in that time I've gained a great respect for him and his wonderful family. My deepest heartfelt condolences to all those who Dr. Rabb touched, especially to the Murphy-Rabb family.
Bev Komen
I have known Dr. Rabb for 18 years through Prevent Blindness America, and will always remember how when he called, would say "Yes" or "So?" and then there was silence. He would be so tickled when I would respond, "Dr. Rabb, how are you?" He always made me laugh with that dry sense of humor of his. I will truly miss him and my heart goes out to his wife and family.
Kent Stuckey
Dr. Rabb's friendship and service to the Prevent Blindness community will be greatly missed. I am proud to have known and worked with this great man and sincerely thank the Rabb family for this.
Lisa Birmingham
Dr. Rabb was a wonderful man bursting with energy and enthusiasm. I worked with him on many medical illustrations over the years and he was always so appreciative of whatever anyone did for him. His mind was always racing with ideas that his body could never be pinned down to one spot, let alone a chair! May he be at peace now. My deepest condolences to his wife and sons.
William H. Plotkin, Ph.D.
I was Director of the Speech and Hearing Center at the old Eye and Ear Infirmary on Adams Street when Maurice came to the University. It only took a moment to see that this was someone very special. Although we were never close we remained friends these many years. My sincerest condolences to the Rabb family.
Bill Johnson
It was my honor to meet Dr. Rabb through Prevent Blindness America. I will always remember his commitment to the work that he loved and his great sense of humor. He will be missed.
Gina Toole Saunders
I have many memories of Dr. Rabb as the dad of one of my first classmates and friends (Maurice), as a neighbor and as my eye doctor. I will always remember his warm and comforting smile. He will be greatly missed by our family and our community. My deepest condolences to Mrs. Rabb, Maurice and Christopher.
Niva Lubin-Johnson,MD and Joseph Johnson, Jr.
Madeline and family, Joseph and I would like to express our heartfelt condolences on what is truly a great loss to you but also to our people, our profession and humanity. Maurice was the epitomy of the "talented tenth" but he was, also, one of the humblest men that I have ever or, probably, will ever meet. He was a mentor to many, whether a physician, medical student, or not. His dedication to the National Medical Association will never be forgotten, as he was the Chair of our Region (IV) and the regional luncheon and award was named for him 2 years ago. Thank you for sharing him with us
Lenworth Johnson, MD
Madeline, Maurice 3rd, Christopher, Patti, Gabriella, Jay, Drew, Meredith, Dr. Bob Daniels (co-author of our book Breaking the Color Line in Medicine in which we provided a biography of Dr. Rabb), and I are truly saddened by the loss of Dr. Rabb. Maurice will be remembered as a great mentor, a skilled collaborator, a soft-spoken dynamic and erudite teacher, an empathetic physician, an understanding and compassionate friend and colleague, and a devoted husband and father. He will certainly be missed. Indeed, a great void has been created in our universe. I have attached the following photographs of Maurice with you, myself, my son Andrew interviewing him for his article published in the J Natl Med Assoc (June 2003;95:483), and Maurice in his lecturing element. Our hearts are with you all.
Dorris Brown-Hutchins
I worked for Dr. Rabb at UIC Ophthalmology for many years, with the sickle cell clinic, fluorescein readings, medical student education, and other special projects on the weekend. Dr. Rabb was always pleasant, easygoing, but most of all very dedicated to his work. If his name was on it, it had to be done to the best of his ability. Dr. Rabb was someone who passed through my life that I was glad to have known and I will always remember, especially his hurrying ways, he can now rest. My deepest prayers go out to the Rabb Family, thank you for sharing such a great person with us all. Dorris
Deena Nystrom
I knew Dr. Rabb through Prevent Blindness America. He was so dedicated as PBA's Medical Advisor. He could explain things to non-medical Board Members in a manner we could all understand. (Even a banker!) He used few words, but when he spoke, we all listened. I loved his smile and his sly sense of humor. It saddens me greatly to know that he is gone. May God strengthen and comfort his family and friends. He will be greatly missed. Deena Nystrom Past President PBA
Abena Joan P Brown
Dear Madeline and the Rabb family: I am so sorry that your dear husband and father made his transition! Stay strong with the understanding that, as an ancestor, he will continue to intervene on your behalf and that he will be around to continue to care for you and to make a way. Please know that the love and concern of friends along with your memories will sustain you over time. "For everything there is a season" Abena
Regina L. Davis
I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rabb from Mercy Eye Center I"m sorry that your husband and father has gone to be in the comfort of God secert place. May God give you comfort,faith and strenght in your time of need
Clifton L Peay MD
On behalf of the Roman-Barnes Society of Ophthalmology,where Maurice F Rabb,Jr MD served as advisor,mentor and Secretary,we extend our utmost regard for his devotion to our organization and extend our sympathy to his wife Madeline and his extended family .It can be said that when one departs,three attributes remain behind that survive them into eternity: 1}The Family's love and high ethical character, 2}An Educational legacy , 3} A Personal life standard of high moral conduct.The life of Maurice F Rabb,Jr MD certainly exceeded these and we only hope that those who were mentored by him and who love him can mirror his example. Clifton L Peay MD President Roman-Barnes Society of Ophthalmology
Alicia Stovell MD
My condolences to the family. As you know, he was phenomenal. His strength and leadership will be missed by me and I am sure by all who have come into contact with him.
Gary Dauphin
I only knew Dr. Rabb through his son Chris, but if one measure of a man is the legacy left in his children, his strength, moral clarity, commitment and decency will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to the entire family. Gary Dauphin
Camilla Scott Tanner.MDiv
To the entire Rabb Family: Dr. Rabb was my physician and a family friend, our children grew up as friends. Maurice fought a good fight, he has finished the course, and he is now at peace. He will be remember in history not only for what he did, but for the man he was. May God be with each of you as you are now on a journey you have never been on before, a journey without a husband, father, grandfather. Know that God is with you and knows how much you are hurting now, but He will never leave you alone. God will ease your pain in time and the wonderful memories of the times you had with Maurice will be with you forever. God bless you, comfort you and bring you peace.
Pat Johnson
Dear Madeline, Maurice and Chris: Your Maurice was a jewel of a man. He had that quiet, droll sense of humor that often caught one off guard. We shared a love of travel and curiosity about the world and he was always one step (probably more) a head of me when it came to research about a particular place in the world. He loved you guys more than life itself and he was so so proud of you. I am sorry that I was not in town to say goodbye to a remarkable man-indeed this fabulous citizen of the world will be sorely missed. Pat Johnson
Kirk H. Packo, MD
As a physician, our professional lives are often molded by role models. I personally owe a great debt to my retinal colleague and friend, Maurice. During my first month as a new resident at the University of Illinois in the summer of 1980, I attended a lecture by Maurice that forever changed my life. His talk "Congenital Anomalies of the Optic Nerve" was delivered with extraordinary flair and expertise, and was filled with hundreds of amazing slides. Although 25 years have passed since I first watch Maurice as a teacher that day, I remember his talk as if it were only yesterday. I approached Maurice after his talk to introduce myself, and to ask him how he had accumulated so many marvelous slides. He told me his curiosity and love of retina began when he was a resident, and continued ever since. He encouraged me to do the same. I feel that my love of retina began that day, and it is with great admiration that I owe my career choice to this marvelous man. We will always remember Maurice by his excitement not unlike a child in a candy store when he saw a "great case" presentation. But unlike a child, he coupled his enthusiasm with a sense of scientific wonder and critique. He truly was a role model in every sense of the word. I will miss his example greatly. My deepest sympathy to Madeline and the entire Rabb Family. Kirk Packo

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