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Lorraine Mason
I worked with Dr. Rabb at the University of Illinois Sickle Cell Center and also did work for him at his home in Hyde Park. Dr. Rabb was a wonderful person to work with. He will be missed. Madeleine, Maurice,and Christopher we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to you-- from the Mason family. God Bless. Lorraine Mason and Joseph Mason
Maria Feliciano
I worked for Dr. Rabb for 16+ years. He was a wonderful and great man..He will be missed...my deepest sympathy to the Rabb-Murphy family
Jake Oliver
My sincerest condolences to Madeline and the entire Rabb-Murphy family on the passing to Dr. Maurice F. Rabb. From their extended family at the AFRO American Newspapers
James L. Green
Having worked side by side with Maurice for the past 24 years I have come to think of him not only as my partner but mentor, and friend. His passing will be a great loss not just for his family but for all who have come in contact with his enthusiasm, energy, intellect, incisive wit, and towering presence. My sincere condolences go out to Madeline, Maurice (m3r), Chris. and the rest of his extended family. Tim
David Porter
My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Rabb-Murphy family. Dr. Rabb was a phenomenal individual. He was an inspiration to many of us both near and far. He will be sorely missed.
Frances "Frankie" Murphy
Your website is a beautiful tribute to Dr. Rabb. I will always remember him for helping me settle down at the family reunion held at my home in Baltimore. Judge Bill Murphy and I had worked so hard to get it togteher and we were delighted to see the Chicago group show up. Dr. Rabb's warm smile and steady handshake helped to assure us all that the gathering was worthwhile. My condolences to Madeline, Maurice and Chris.--- Frankie Murphy of the Carl Murphy family.
Marsha Estell
I did not know Dr. Rabb, but I do know Maurice who is such a wonderful human being. I know he was raised well. I am so sorry for your loss, but I believe they (loved ones)are always with us, they guide us always.
Theresa Heard
My heart is filled with both joy and sadness. I remember working with Dr. Rabb as support staff in the Ophthalmology Department at UIC. Seeing him walk around that University made you proud to know him, always on the move, but never to busy to greet you with a smile and maybe even a sly remark or joke to make your day. One would never know the degree of accomplishments and status held by Dr. Rabb, because he displayed such a warm and approachable personality. May the Lord bless and keep the entire Rabb Family on the loss of such a loving and kind soul of a man. Sincerely, Theresa (Gatlin) Heard Arizona
Cheryl Andrews(Mercy Hospital Eye Center Mngr.)
To The Rabb Family: Dr. Rabb will be remembered as a caring man of intelligence and great character. He will truly be missed by myself and the Mercy Hospital Eye Center staff. May God bless and strengthen you all at this time.
Andrea Flowers-Mance
To the Rabb Family: Dr. Rabb was a supreme admirer of mine. I was the secretary for Dr. Jampol for over l7 years and I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Dr. Rabb as well. I would come to the familiy home on Saturday mornings and some evenings to work on special projects for him. I truly admired his warmth, intelligence and most of all, just being himself. I am greatly heartened by his lost and I wish the family all the best and may God keep you and strengthen you through this loss of your great loved one.
Patricia Townsend-Cole
I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy and offer a prayer to the Rabb Family,That God above will comfort you and ease the loss you bear. Although no words of sympathy can ease the loss you bear, Still, may you find some comfort in the thought that Others Care. With Deepest Sympathy, (Mercy Hosp.OR/OPTH,Patricia Townsend-Cole RN)
Jose S Pulido
To the Rabb family: Thank-you for sharing this great man with all of us. He was a model of intelligence and humility. I never heard him say a bad thing of anyone and I only heard everyone say great things of him.
Trevor V. Hodge
I wish to extend to the entire Rabb family my deepest condolences. I had the opportunity to meet Maurice (III) through a mutual acquaintance and was struck by his sincere and thoughtful demeanor and his passion for life. If this is a reflection of his Dad, we have certainly lost a noble soul. May God's sustaining strength be with you all!
Eve Higginbotham
Great men are the ones that have changed lives and whose actions live beyond their years. Maurice always sought to help others become the best they could be without personal fanfare or recognition. At last summer’s NMA meeting we learned the true measure of what he had done and those he had touched. Frank and I knew of Maurice’s influence on the Chicago ophthalmology landscape but quickly learned his full measure of history in ophthalmology and his passion for his colleagues, friends and patients. His passing will leave a void that cannot be filled but those of us who he leaves behind will carry his dreams and hopes in our hearts and everyday thoughts. My introduction of Maurice during the NMA meeting was a tribute to his endearing spirit and my personal feelings of him as a mentor and person. He was the consummate professional, and an unassuming leader in our field. Ophthalmology is indeed poorer on this day but we can rest assure that the eyes of the angels will be well cared for by this great ophthalmologist. Our deepest condolences go to Madeline and his two loving sons. Maurice will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
Monica Dweck MD
To the Rabb family, Maurice was truly an inspiration and a wonderful leader. He will be sorely missed in the National Medical Association, the Roman-Barnes Society and in the ophthalmologic community. My sincerest condolences, Monica Dweck MD
Mark Janowicz
Dr. Rabb will be greatly missed here at UIC. He was a wonderful teacher and friend. I have worked with him for 14 years and he has touched my heart. God Bless the Rabb-Murphy Family.
Mrs. Diann Robinson
The Rabb family has my deepest sympathy. May God comfort your hearts. I met Dr. Rabb, while working with Dr. Peyman, and will always remember him. God bless and keep your family. Your lost, I know, is tremendous.
Reginald J. Sanders, MD
Maurice Rabb, as the first black retinal specialist, was an incredible inspiration to me and all other minority retinal specialists who knew him. I admired his leadership and academic accomplishments; I loved his professionalism and humanity. I am deeply saddened at our loss and will miss Maurice.
Reginald J. Sanders, MD
Maurice Rabb, as the first black retinal specialist, was an incredible inspiration to me and all other minority retinal specialists who knew him. I admired his leadership and academic accomplishments; I loved his professionalism and humanity. I am deeply saddened at our loss and will miss Maurice.
Helen A. Davis, M.D.
It is with heartfelt sympathy that we say goodbye to this gallant man that was a beacon for many young Ophthalmologists. I met Dr. Rabb in the early 80's when he was collaborating with some of my Attendings in Miami. I enjoyed seeing him annually at the Ophthalmology section of the NMA. We could always count on Dr Rabb to fascinate us with interesting cases, arouse our curiosity, challenge our differential diagnoses skill and inspire excellence. He will be truly missed. May his memory and legacy comfort your souls and bring peace to your hearts. Helen A. Davis, M.D.
Joel Sugar
I am honored to have known and worked with Maurice. His dedication to teaching and to medical students was a model for the entire college. Two weeks ago he was too sick to physically attend a meeting in the Dean's office but nonetheless he attended by speakerphone and fought to do what was best for the students and for ophthalmology. His teaching of retina was outstanding and his service years ago to the eye bank was above and beyond the call. All of that aside he was a pleasure to see and talk to and always, even when he was ill, brightened my day. I will truly miss him. Joel Sugar
Rev. Lawrence E. Calbert, Sr
I have known cousin Maurice all my life and have admired this man as young adult, young doctor and senior citizen. I think it was hard to think of him as a senior citizen, because he was always young and full of life. I have not seen him in much in these last years, but I thought about him as read about his life. He will be missed, I am sorry that my 10 grandchildren did not get to know him. He was somebody. I was glad to have know him.My love to the family
Roger Ebert
Maurice and I agreed that at our age we do not make new friends all that easily, and that is why it was such a delight when we took to each other the first time we met. Dr. Rabb was one of the most sophisticated moviegoers I have ever encountered, starting when as a teenager he took the bus to a neighboring state so that he could see art films in a non-segregated movie theater. We often talked movies during dinners with our wives, and enormously enjoyed sharing a dinner table and much conversation during a Floating Film Festival. I was honored that he attended my film festival at the University of Illinois--once in good health, once (a year ago) when we gave each other moral support and commiseration during our illnesses, and, astonishingly, just a month ago, when somehow he summoned the strength and determination to attend, with Madeline, Maurice and "M3's" girlfriend Audrey at his side. He loved a movie named "Murderball," about quadriplegic wheelchair sports, and said he could identify with the loss of mobility of the wheelchair athletes. Chaz and I said goodbye to Dr. Rabb last Thursday night. He told us how he was feeling: "Like in the Land of Oz, but without the music." When we left, I told him, "I'm glad I met you." It was such an understatement. His professional achievements are legendary, his scientific curiosity was tireless, he tracked a family with a rare retinal disease through five generations in Belize... but for me, he was the kind of person who great movies are made for, because he loved and understood them, and that meant he loved and understood the people they were about. In movies as in his professional life, he was always eager to discover something new and important, and he was always curious. Maurice, I miss you. Roger Ebert
Amina Dickerson and Julian Roberts
To the Rabb Family- A series of proverbs come to mind in thinking of the extraordinary life that Maurice led and the legacy that he has left us: "Knowledge is like a garden, it must be cultivated." Maurice was committed to learning throughout his life, as well as to sharing his expansive knowledge with students and colleagues around the world. His commitment to science and to learning advanced his field and benefit countless people. "A great tree has fallen." We knew Maurice for his steadfast good spirit, kind smile and warmth on every occasion. A leader in the medical community, supporter of the arts, devoted husband and father, his loss to us is deeply felt. "He left his footprints on the stone. He, himself, passed on." Truly his achievements leave a lasting impact on the ophthalmology community but his humor, sense of inquiry, friendship and kindness leave an indelible mark on all who knew him. We hold the family in our thoughts and prayers. Amina Dickerson and Julian Roberts
Greer L, Geiger
I have known Dr. Rabb through the Ophthalmology section of the NMA all my career, spanning 24 years. He has always been the consummate teacher, challenging you to think/reason which is one of the traits I have always appreciated in my most memorable teachers. He combined that skill with the ability to be uniquely personal and "down to earth" with a great since of humor. I know no substitute for him or for the colleauges he has influenced through their careers. He was truly loved by myself and I am certain many others. He has been an inspiration and I consider it a true gift to have memories of him and to have personally known him. My sincerest condolences to his his family and close friends. Greer L. Geiger, MD

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